Each new project undertaken by Epic Glass is treated as unique, and a custom delivery strategy is developed in direct response to the singular set of considerations presented by the project. This custom strategy; however, is developed through a uniform process unique to EPIC Glass that embraces the spectrum of activities from pre-construction consultation on design details, procurement of materials, fabrication, and assembly.

  • Evaluate
  • Strategize
  • Execute


Project management is an empowered function at EPIC Glass and one of the keys to our success. Personnel skilled and experienced in project management are vital to the success of any construction project.

Our people understand the critical importance of a building project being delivered on time and on budget, a fact that our past clients can attest to. We will happily provide you with such references.

  • Lead By Example
  • Encourage
  • Communicate


Design or material supply problems surfacing in manufacturing are a frustrating and costly annoyance, while application or installation problems surfacing on the building site can be a disaster. There is far too much at stake in the building process to settle for anything less than top quality and the programs that consistently deliver it. Effective quality programs garner the participation of everyone in the organization from top to bottom while reaching throughout the web of company operations and activities.

  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Confidence


The safety of our people is of paramount importance and we endeavor to be most rigorous in our safety planning. We have a comprehensive site safety plan that instigates and manages a project specific safety program for all of our employees and subcontractors. The program consists of training, weekly toolbox meetings and careful site evaluation prior to the commencement of work activities. Our safety program includes the following practices:

  • Educate
  • Think Safety
  • Work Safely