Project Overview

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police E Division Headquarters Relocation Project is a major initiative to relocate the previous RCMP headquarters to Surrey, British Columbia. The goal was to consolidate various RCMP headquarters spread throughout Metro Vancouver into one central location. This is the largest federal accommodations project to date.

For this project, EPIC faced many challenges. All installation needed to be completed without the use of mechanical lifts, this includes some panels that were over 15 feet in length. The EPIC life-safety system needed to be adjusted quickly and required a certain amount of flexibility to adapt to the large panels and largely physical installation.

An important project like this requires a compressed time schedule and this construction period featured above average rainfall. In addition to a limited timeline, the size of this construction site was extremely large and 4 x 30 foot swing stages needed to run simultaneously throughout the property. Rigourous inspections of the roof membranes needed to take place before and after the stage moves also complicated the process.

In order to increase accuracy of product placement, EPIC invested in high quality measuring equipment. This investment allowed us to notice a complication with the grid line on the project and prevent future issues with the structure. This contributed to overall high quality of the product to our client. EPIC also invested in cutting edge fall protection equipment to ensure our crew was never put into fall arrest while installing large panels. This preventative measure proves our EPIC commitment to both our client as well as our crew.

Epic chose a proactive approach to stage moves and made roof inspections mandatory both before and after installation. EPIC also developed a simple way of documenting the installation process by quickly and effectively sharing smartphone photos throughout members of the construction team.