Project Overview

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is a vital facility for the citizens of Calgary, Alberta. This building is meant to be a response centre to maintain City services during a disaster or major emergency. When this resource needed expansion to better serve first responders and Calgarians, the natural choice was EPIC Glass.

The EOC upgrade began with the resurveying of the new structure at an affordable fee to the supplier. It also involved coordination and supervision of other building envelope subcontractors free of charge. Such a unique building requires an equally unique installation strategy. This complex project required several on-site structural alterations by the EPIC Glass team, as no one piece of glass on this structure is alike. The building is partially underground and needed special attention as typical access lifts could not be used. The extreme weight of some of the large glass proved to be difficult with scaffold-only access, but EPIC developed an efficient way of installing the glass siding while also respecting time restraints. A system for mounting security cameras on the glass panels was devised at no extra cost to the client.

This project was completed in four different mobilizations due to site logistics. Although EPIC Glass is based primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia, our team of glass specialists has successfully completed projects in both Northern British Columbia as well as Alberta. Weather conditions and travel arrangements are handled in stride for any project completed, no matter what location. As always, broken glass investigations for this supplier was provided as part of our one-year warranty program.

Photos Courtesy of Calgary City News, Avenue Calgary, & City of Calgary