Project Overview

The Steveston community of Richmond, British Columbia was in need of a new Fire Hall on a 0.8-acre corner lot, with two large functional bays as well as the ability to remain operational during the entirety of the installation process. This atypical build was no easy task -- but, with the help of the EPIC Glass team, this project was completed on time, with quality and exceeded all required specifications.

Designing and installing large-scale glass fixtures in an active fire station comes with natural challenges. This large span, steel loaded, split mullion system came with pre-built corner assemblies and required careful craftsmanship and diligence. The black anodized finish and motorized vent window installation required extra handling precautions and preventative measures. EPIC Glass performed many on-site alterations to ensure a high quality finished product, including the capping and finishing of cement panels, on-site measuring for frame production, and the re-fabrication and re-installation of the main skylight.

This was a special project and required some EPIC ingenuity to make it happen. EPIC Glass was responsible for the engineering and design of a mini-lifting winch to safely and securely lift up to 1000lb steel loaded frame modules as well as special fit glass lifting hooks to ease installation. On-site fabrication of special mitred caps aided in the installation of cement panels as well as the skylight interface. Minor issues with installation were fixed in a timely and professional manner. Our one-year warranty provides the safety and security of assistance for all EPIC clients.