Project Overview

As the site of the Athlete’s Village for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Olympic Village Sky train Station was an important project for EPIC Glass. It was the last station to be built on Vancouver’s illustrious Canada Line, and one of the final steps to prepare the city for the upcoming influx of athletes and spectators from around the world.

With only 45 days to complete the project, the deadline was tight and required high quality of work as well as a high quality of professionalism amongst the EPIC Glass team. The Olympic Village project was the quickest turnover of any station in the Canada Line project, and our team worked diligently to make it so.

This project was not without it’s challenges, but the tight deadline provided motivation to finish the project on time, as well as with the highest standard of quality. All 7/8’’ steel required extra drilling to mount the spider connections, and 400lbs units had to be transported underground with great care. The area of installation was very compact and could only accommodate two workers at a time. The Canada Line initiative was executed at an exciting time in the city, the Olympic Village was a highly visible project and required prompt and efficient action while finishing the caulking around the glass TVS and spider wall. The Epic Glass team was up for the challenge.

EPIC is always on the cutting edge of modern installation techniques. During this project we developed a method of shaving the silicone joints in the spider walls to meet the high standard of aesthetic quality of the architect. We replicated this method on two other Sky Train projects with great success, and we provided guidance and assistance on a project completed by another installation team.